Facebook renaming Instagram and WhatsApp for ‘transparency’

As we’ve discussed at length, privacy concerns have come to the forefront in the last several years, with tech giants being pressured from all sides regarding how it uses, stores and shares our private data. Facebook has arguably taken the brunt of the criticism and have vowed more transparency ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. To this end, Facebook renaming Instagram and WhatsApp doesn’t come as a surprise.

Facebook started its string of huge acquisitions in 2012 when they bought out Instagram and soon after that WhatsApp was in their sights – the deal completed in 2014. That being said, a large proportion of users of these apps don’t know that Facebook owns them. These apps will become known as ‘’Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook” before too long.

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Since the initial security pressures were put under, and even to this day, you still see a lot of “I have Mark Zuckerberg – he’s a lizard. I’m moving to Instagram” type posts on social media, which is then of course shared over WhatsApp.

While these brands have been trading and operating independently, this might soon change. Facebook have confirmed the renaming of Instagram and WhatsApp, signalling the end of this independent era. It has told employees that Facebook’s ownership of both apps will become clearer. “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” said spokeswoman Bertie Thomson.

Honestly, touting this move as a route to more transparency from Facebook seems far-fetched, even condescending and ill-willed in our opinion.

Until recently, both Instagram and WhatsApp had its own CEOs, but were ousted as the Facebook business model becomes more centralised. Mark Zuckerberg replaced them with Facebook executives. In years to come we can also expect tighter integration from these massive platforms’ various services. Zuckerberg has gone as far to hint that these businesses will start operating from the same premises as well.

Facebook renaming Instagram and WhatsApp to put its name and stamp on it is hardly surprising to us, but it does lead to more security questions. Are you avid users of these apps? What do you think of the tightening of the ropes in this regard? Let us know in the comments below.