Bandwidth Blog & Smile 90.4FM Tech Tuesday: Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

Wouldn’t you want to wake up from a deep slumber to the gentle sound of water boiling and dripping onto coffee grounds? The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock will make this dream come true. The air fills with the warm, welcome aroma of coffee. You open your eyes to see a clear glass cup on top of your alarm clock fill drop by drop with beautiful caffeinated gold. If you need cold half-and-half, no worries, there’s a petite chilled cup inside the clock at the ready.

In this week’s Tech Tuesday segment on Smile 90.4FM we chat about this interesting gadget, listen down below.

As mentioned in our conversation, it reminds me of a chemistry set, but that it is absolutely something to behold. The front houses a drawer in which you keep your ground coffee and a scoop as well as a tiny cup for cold milk submerged in the base.

You set up the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock the night before by portioning coffee into a metal mesh cone filter and filling the glass flask with water. You can also steep tea in it if you prefer. Once the alarm is triggered, the water inside the flask is heated and pushed up the siphon tube to drip over the grounds.

Would you want to wake up with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air? Let us know in the comments below.