The Motiv Ring is a Fitbit for your finger

As the world around us becomes more and more connected, everyday items are receiving the ‘smart’ treatment and getting technology stuffed inside it. Smartwatches and fitness trackers have also now become mainstream. The Motiv Ring takes the two ideas and melds it together by creating a tiny wearable that’s looks remarkably like a normal, discreet, fashionable ring you would wear every day.

The Motiv Ring is so small and light you would hardly believe there is a full fitness tracker built into it, let alone a battery to power it. The only external evidence that this is more than a regular ring is the single LED, which is usually off in any case.

The shell is made of titanium and is fully waterproof. While it might be a bit wide for some people, most shouldn’t have a problem with overall wearability. This might also be why the marketing for this product mostly seems to be targeting men.

The Motiv Ring gets put to proper use with the Motiv app. Instead of just counting steps, the app blends that data with continuous heart rate tracking from the sensor pointing inwards onto your finger. This gives you an ‘Active Minutes’ log rather than just a step count or time exercised. The app shows you cards with information about how close you are to hitting your various goals, and will ask you to confirm certain types of activity the ring automatically picked up.

The sleep tracking on the Motiv Ring is also surprisingly impressive for such a diminutive device. It is quantified by your resting heart rate during the night, how often you move around and the longevity of various states of sleep.

Overall, this is a fascinating fitness tracker that might be right for you if you aren’t interested in a bulky or flashy smartwatch or fitness band.