Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Review: Mr Boombastic

Looking to bring affordable, high-quality sound to your ear canals? We dive in with Xiaomi’s Mi In-Ear Headphones!

Xiaomi has become a popular name in South Africa for consumers seeking elegant handsets without the addition of a hefty price tag, and slowly but surely the Chinese giant’s other product portfolios have begun to draw interest on our shores. Today, we’re greeted with the Mi In-Ear Headphones; a beautifully designed piece of kit that doesn’t threaten one’s wallet.
Out of the box, the Mi In-Ear Headphones are highly reminiscent of the packaging employed by Apple’s EarPods and AirPods – and that’s a good thing. For just over $29 USD, consumers are rewarded not only with some solid housing, but further a unique carry bag for journeys where one’s earphones might suffer.
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones
Opening up the box, the Mi In-Ear Headphones ship with a complimentary set of rubber tips sized small to large, which is great news – you may have to try on a few sets before you find your ideal fit.
The Mi In-Ear Headphones sport an interesting addendum in the sense that the cables adjoining the buds are themselves kevlar-reinforced – meaning that they should be far less prone to snapping or breaking in the long-term
The Mi In-Ear Headphones themselves are well-crafted and feel premium, belying their subtle price tag. The buds are machined out of aluminum, while inside each unit lies both an armature driver for highs while a dynamic driver sorts out both the lows and mids.
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones
That means that consumers seeking bass will be rewarded; the Mi In-Ear Headphones deliver crisp sound with a capable range.
Let’s talk more about sound. If you’re a typical South African consumer, you’ll usually rely on the earphones you’ll pick up in the box alongside a shiny new smartphone or opt out for a premium set of cans if your budget allows.
Left in the middle, then, are those of us who either need a replacement, or are in the market for a relatively affordable set of earphones to carry to the gym or out and about – and the Mi In-Ear Headphones bring great utility at their price point.
There are some caveats, however. Xiaomi’s buds execute a fantastic low-end, though that comes with the drawback that all too easily can a crisp high-end float into the ether. Mid-range, specifically, can be lost in the wash – leaving users with ill-defined sound or with the sonic adventure that is toggling their device’s equalizer.
Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones
Those that can afford a bass reduction, however, will enjoy a great set of buds with a brilliant design – and consumers specifically looking for a great set of earphones that offer sound beyond the general marmite quality of buds below the R300 mark will be rewarded with Xiaomi’s Mi In-Ear Headphones.
What are your thoughts? Would you be prepared to purchase Xiaomi’s earphones, or do you prefer another brand’s efforts? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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