Tinder is set to introduce new AI, location-based features

Tinder’s parent company, Match, has announced that the platform will see new AI and location-based features debut early next year.

Though news broke yesterday that millennial marmite app Snapchat would receive a major design overhaul next year, Tinder has now been punted to receive new features at the behest of its parent company, Match.
Match CEO Greg Blatt announced that Tinder will see new, large-scale updates in 2018 that will introduce a”rich dynamic content experience” that will focus more closely on user activity. The service may be a regeneration of the platform’s Stories update, which it nixed several months ago.
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The app has further been punted to receive a brand new artificial intelligence that will begin to personalize individual experiences based on each user’s use-case.
Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the company teased new location-related features that will “blur lines between the physical and digital world for dating”. The precise definition and implementation of that idea may be up for debate, though a few possible indications do exist – in all likelihood, the service could become far more sensitive to its user’s proximities to one another and could leverage measurements to show profiles closer to active users.
The offering may further change the inherent structure of the app – Blatt quipped his view that the serve could become more elegant in the future, citing that “Until now, Tinder has basically been a swiping machine…It’s effective and simple but ultimately limited.
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Source: The Verge