Samsung could show off 'Bixby 2.0' at its developer's conference next week

Samsung may soon show off the next version of its Bixby digital assistant at its annual developer’s conference, which is set for next week.

We’ve previously covered a report that Samsung had ousted its head of development for Bixby – Rhee In-jong – with Chung Eui- seok, the leader of its mobile development team. Now, we may soon be able to see a new build of Bixby unveiled at the South Korean firm’s annual developer’s conference, which is slated to kick off next week.
Bixby began life with a lukewarm reception by consumers – the digital assistant was at first confined to its Home and Vision services, while its Voice suite was delayed to the point that it only launched days before the arrival of the new Galaxy Note 8.
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Given that the assistant has the difficult task of responding to queries and handling instructions within the context of third-party applications, it perhaps also isn’t surprising that the digital assistant reportedly struggled to maintain a grip on the English language.
Samsung’s mobile business chief DJ Koh recently confirmed that the assistant would see a significant upgrade in the near future, quipping that  “We will supplement the incomplete parts of Bixby 1.0 at Bixby 2.0.”
While the upgrade would undoubtedly benefit the digital assistant’s presence on Samsung’s mobile devices such as the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and even the forthcoming Galaxy A range, the update might serve to port Bixby to another platform entirely.
Koh recently confirmed that Samsung was developing its own Bixby-powered smart speaker – meaning that the development of an upgrade to the digital assistant might serve as both a launchpad for the South Korean firm and third-party developers to begin creating interactions for a smart speaker.
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