You can now access Instagram stories directly from Facebook's mobile app

Facebook has elected to include access to Instagram Stories directly within its own mobile app given the poor uptake of Facebook Stories.

Somewhere in a boardroom in Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg bemoans the fact only Instagram Stories managed to succeed in cultivating an audience beyond Facebook Stories, Messenger Day, and WhatsApp’s Status.
“Well, we did put stories everywhere this year”, a nervous intern speaks up.
The Zuck slowly turns around, turning in his chair at the speed of continental drift, pursing his lip and furrowing his brow, before coldly uttering “Then we put Instagram stories… everywhere.”
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That’s probably not what’s happened in Facebook HQ this week, though it doesn’t seem unlikely that somewhere a key decision maker has caved. Fresh from plundering Snapchat’s Stories feature for use in Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp, it seems that the first of Mark Zuckerberg’s stories escapades has fallen into the void.
As of today, users in the United States have reported that they’ve been able to access Instagram Stories directly from Facebook’s mobile app. Given the poor uptake of users interested in Facebook Stories, and the comparative success of Instagram Stories to develop a foundation of some 250 million daily active users, the decision seems a wise one.
The move to open Instagram Stories for access in Facebook’s core presence further creates a lucrative position for advertisers, who might now be able to create stories seen across Facebook’s wider social media empire. With the news that WhatsApp is preparing to open for business, it’s perhaps not unlikely to imagine that Instagram Stories access might one day land on the service aside from appearing on Facebook Messenger.
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What are your thoughts? Should Facebook continue developing a multitude of story options, or work with the platforms that succeed? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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