Instagram hack outs 6 million users' contact details

Hackers have managed to exploit a vulnerability in Instagram and gain access to over six million users’ email addresses and phone numbers.

While nothing seems to have topped the WannaCry virus this year, a large scale Instagram hack has outed the particulars of some six million users – revealing not only email addresses, but contact numbers as well.
The news comes after the exploitation of a security loophole this week that saw hackers reveal the contact details of a handful of celebrities – though a growing database of personal contact details suggests that far more information has been gleaned that previously thought.
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Hackers have announced their success in capturing the personal information of some six million users, which has accordingly been uploaded to a website where voyeurs can search for just $10 USD.
Instagram has been slow to respond to the ordeal, though a company spokesman confirmed to ArsTechnica that the service has closed the breach and are investigating the threat further.
ArsTechnica reports that in a 10,000 strong sample of the records list, 9,911 of the entries bore a phone number or email address, and 4,341 of the entries offered both details.
Accordingly, some of the users on the list apparently possess millions of followers, and many are from diverse locations such as Australia, Thailand, and Germany.
Instagram enjoys some 700 million active users per month – meaning that the breach, though sizeable, affects a minority of the platform’s users. The service does offer two-factor authentification, which users can activate to better secure their account from malicious parties.
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