Facebook redesigns its mobile News Feed for a cleaner, starker look

Facebook has released a sizeable new update to its News Feed on Android and iOS, which does away with blue accents and headers in favour of a cleaner look.

Of late, Facebook has trialled some interesting experiements with its News Feed; including a redesigned suggestion page and even boosting local political posts to greater prominence. Now the social media company has unveiled a new design for its iconic springboard on both Android and iOS.
Lovers of wide headings and Facebook’s classic blue colour will be disappointed; the redesigned News Feed brings with it an overhaul that emphasises white space and highlights comments in grey message bubbles similar to what one might expect from Facebook Messenger.
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The visual update brings greater uniformity to Facebook’s commenting system – bringing public conversations and exchanges into parity with private and group chats within Messenger. The benefit for users is that conversations that have been threaded underneath a particular post will be easier to read.
Interestingly, Facebook appears to have lifted a page from Twitter’s rulebook – the redesigned News Feed shifts the emphasis from square shapes and instead opts to include rounded edges and circular designs. Further, Like, Comment, and Share buttons have all been increased in size to serve as easier touch targets on a modern-day smart device.
The update is presently rolling out to both iOS and Android devices, though there’s been no word from Facebook as to whether its desktop News Feed will benefit from a redesign as well.
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What are your thoughts? Do you like Facebook’s new News Feed design? Be sure to let us know your verdict in the comment below!
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