V30: LG's new UX brings smarter ticker and photography features

LG has revealed version 6.0 of its software UX, that will bring innovative new features to its upcoming handset, the LG V30.

Though the Galaxy S8 has wowed consumers largely thanks to its handsome design and Infinity Display, we felt that one of the handset’s biggest advantages was its overhauled Samsung Experience UI; and now LG has revealed that will make a similar endeavour aboard its forthcoming smartphone, the LG V30.
The V30 is slated to arrive with LG’s UX 6.0 in tow, and is designed to offer greater personalization options.
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Chief in point is the presence of a redesigned ticker bar – rather than leverage a secondary screen as the LG V10 and V20 did, the V30 will instead use an Always-On display to show a clock and an assortment of quick tools in addition to a music player or personal photograph.
The V30 will further leverage a ‘Floating Bar’ that will function somewhat similarly to the Edge display found on Samsung’s flagship smartphones; the Floating Bar will house a series of quick tools that users can hide, show, and reposition at will.

LG V30 UX samples
The LG V30’s Floating Bar and new Ticker array, respectively.

Another fundamental enhancement will be the UX’s new photographic capabilities; LG has touted that a new feature dubbed Graphy – found within the handset’s manual mode – will be able to choose metadata presets from a variety of different images.
This means that V30 owners will be able to leverage the Graphy app to find a photo they like, and will then be able to command their device to use the same settings – white balance, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO – as used to create the image in question. The advent will not only make manual photography an easier endeavour for novice snappers, but will further serve as a ‘mentor’ or ‘guideline’ of sorts for those willing to experiment.
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The LG V30 is slated for touch down on the 31st of August, and we can’t wait to see the device in person.
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