Wareable: New renders show off Fitbit's upcoming smartwatch

Wareable has revealed several new images apparently depicting a forthcoming smartwatch from Fitbit, which apparently leverage an advanced pulse oximeter.

Ever since Fitbit acquired smartwatch manufacturer and Kickstarter legend Pebble, we’ve been expecting the best of both brands to come together in the form of a smartwatch; and now Wareable has revealed new images that seemingly depict the former company’s first foray into the smartwatch world.
Fitbit has, of course, produced several fitness trackers that hew somewhat close to a smartwatch; and Wareable’s renders indicate that Fitbit’s forthcoming device will inherit some design DNA from its Blaze fitness tracker.
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According to the publication, the upcoming device will launch in three colour variants; a silver unit with a navy strap, a rose gold unit with a blue strap, and a darker unit with a black strap.
The device is expected to leverage a unique take on a pulse oximeter – a component which measures blood / oxygen levels – wherein the unit will leverage red light technology to more accurately measure a user’s heart rate, heart rate variability, and other factors.
Most fitness trackers – including those in Fitbit’s arsenal – leverage a green light to analyse metrics such as heart rate; this is because blood (which is red) absorbs green light and reflects red light. Red light technology can, however, penetrate deeper and yield more accurate readings of one’s heart rate.

fitbit smartwatch front and rear
Source: Wareable

It is expected that Fitbit’s fitness tracker will include GPS and will be waterproof – regarding the leak, the company told Wareable that We know there is a lot of interest in our entry into the smartwatch category. We don’t have news to share at this time and do not comment on rumours or speculation. We can confirm that development of our smartwatch is on track and that it will be available for the holiday season.”
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What are your thoughts? Would you be excited to get your hands on a Fibit-produced smartwatch? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: Wareable