Google is reportedly developing its own take on Snapchat's 'Discover' for news

A new report has indicated that Google is working with news publishers to develop its own take on Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ feature.

Google has made several interesting tweaks to its News formula in the recent past – including a carousel of news stories and methods to enable readers to establish the validity of an article – and now a new report has indicated that the Mountain View company has greater plans in mind.
The Wall Street Journal reports that a new, Google-made news tool dubbed ‘Stamp’ will take inspiration from Snapchat’s Discover feature and that the initiative will leverage the company’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to load pages more speedily and consume less mobile data in the process.
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According to the Journal, Google is in talks with CNN, The Washington Post, Time, and Vox Media to develop its premiere listing of ‘Stamp’ news vendors. It remains unclear, however, if Stamp would serve as a platform for news publishers to create custom content (like Snapchat’s Discover feature) or whether the service would merely extend to be an upgraded take on Google News, which accordingly aggregates content.
Should Google choose to tweak Discover for its own purposes, it would join Facebook in the war against Snapchat’s grip on millennials. Facebook, moreover, has focussed on tackling Snapchat’s Stories feature with the debut of its own Stories assortment on Instagram, WhatsApp (through Status), Messenger Day, and further its core site.
Facebook and Google themselves are somewhat diametrically opposed in the endeavour, however – as where Facebook concentrates on building a social graph mixed between news shared by friends and one’s own interests, Google concentrates on indexing information and offering tailored news content that it foresees would appeal to its user. It remains to be seen how Stamp will factor into this undertaking, given that the feature could be Google’s most social take on news yet beyond the empty hollow that is Google +.
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