HomePod firmware hints at the iPhone 8's facial recognition smarts

Developers have found that code within the HomePod’s firmware has revealed that the iPhone 8 will leverage facial recognition through infra-red.

When it comes to Apple’s premium iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition) two specific rumours have been consistent – firstly, that the device will leverage facial recognition as a new biometric security option, and secondly that Apple has been struggling to integrate Touch ID beneath the device’s display.
That first rumour is our focus today, as curious developers who’ve delved into the release of firmware suited for Apple’s forthcoming HomePod have found that code points to the existence of a routine within BiometricKit that supports facial recognition through infra-red.
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BiometricKit is the framework that propels Touch ID, which is what iPhones, iPads, and some MacBooks leverage to authenticate fingerprints. According to developers, HomePod firmware acknowledges ‘Pearl ID’ – the apparent codename for the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature.
Developers have further found images within the framework that indicate the design of the iPhone 8 – apparently giving some confirmation that the glass-heavy, all-screen design we’ve seen in renders throughout this year have been mostly accurate.
iphone 8
The revelation that the iPhone 8 will indeed support facial recognition is a sign that Apple is preparing to offer new biometric security options aboard its devices – a significant departure considering the fact that the company has, for years, relied on fingerprint recognition where some manufacturers have investigated not only facial recognition, but further iris scanning.
Given the fact that Apple have apparently faced great difficulty in integrating a Touch ID sensor beneath the iPhone 8’s display, the news will be refreshing for those of us who don’t want to see Apple place a fingerprint sensor on the device’s rear, as Samsung was forced to with the Galaxy S8.
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