Leaked: Is this Google's second-generation Pixel XL?

A new leak has given artists the opportunity to render what Google’s 2017 Pixel XL could look like – revealing an aluminum-clad handset with an 18:9 display.

Though the feature we’d most like to see offered with Google’s next-generation Pixel devices is the ability to actually purchase one here in South Africa, a new leak has offered some tantalizing details as to just what the company’s next smartphone could look like.
Android Police today released new renders detailing Google’s new Pixel XL; the smartphone, which is apparently being produced by LG, continues some trends established by its predecessor; both a rear fingerprint scanner and a single-lens camera remain.
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However, the device will seemingly hop aboard the train of thought behind some of 2017’s most popular smartphones thus far – the device will apparently adopt an 18:9 (2:1) display as found aboard LG’s G6, and the handset will apparently service a squeezable frame – somewhat alike HTC’s new U 11 – for the purpose of summoning Google Assistant.
Presently, leaks have detailed that the second-generation Pixel XL will accommodate a slimmer top forehead and bottom chin in a similar fashion to Samsung’s Galaxy S8, leaving a 6″ AMOLED display as the frontline attraction.
It remains uncertain as to whether a second-generation Pixel might benefit from some other interesting rumours to emanate from Google’s campus; recently, it has been alleged that future Pixel devices might carry their own Apple-style custom processors in addition to having a glass, rear-mounted touchpad.
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What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in purchasing a second-generation Pixel device? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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