Listen in: Our Editor Theunis answers your questions on CliffCentral

Our Editor Theunis van Rensburg joined Gareth Cliff of CliffCentral to answer your burning questions about consumer technology – listen in here!

Is consumer technology getting boring? That’s one of the burning questions our Editor, Theunis van Rensburg, answered during an interview with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral.
Tackling both questions from Twitter and from the CliffCentral team, listen in as Theunis answers your burning technology questions – including topics such as why the battery life of our smartphones haven’t improved, if consumer technology is becoming too iterative, and whether Theunis sees another breakout product – such as the original iPhone – emerging in the years to come.
During the interview, Theunis, Gareth, and the CliffCentral team touch on the following subjects:

Apple’s iPhone 8:

New component parts highlight what the iPhone 8 could look like

Devices with foldable displays:

Foldable phones: Why do Apple, LG, Samsung and Nokia want to bend the norm?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Through hardships to the stars

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