Infamous tipster Ming-Chi Kuo gives ten new predictions on Apple's iPhone 8

Notoriously accurate Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed ten new, telling predictions about Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8.

Apple has been widely tipped to reveal a next-generation iPhone 8 later this year, and several rumours have potentially outed the form of the device prior to its official announcement.
However, many aspects surrounding the device still remain a mystery; such as whether Apple might release two ‘conventional’ iPhones – in a 7s and 7s Plus pairing – prior to releasing its special edition model.
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To the rescue, then, is Ming-Chi Kuo – a highly accurate tipster and analyst at KGI Securities – who has shared ten new predictions about Apple’s forthcoming handset; giving indications about not only when we can expect to see Apple’s next iPhone, but further some of the features it might entail.
Kuo elaborates:
“1: Apple will roll out three iPhone models in 2H17, including an all-new design 5.2” (or 5.8” depending on the definition of screen size in use) OLED iPhone & LCD models including 4.7” & 5.5” (front form factor design similar to current ones).
2: OLED iPhone will adopt full-screen design, with the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone currently available worldwide (thanks to a notch display design); the OLED model will also come with a virtual Home button, though the button will not support fingerprint recognition.
3: OLED iPhone will support 3D sensing for facial recognition & improved selfie quality.
4: OLED iPhone & 5.5” LCD iPhone will both come with DRAM capacity of 3GB (for dual-camera requirements), while 4.7” version will only use 2GB DRAM (for only single camera).
5: Three new models will all come with 64GB and 256GB storage options.
6: All three new models will have a Lightning port; however, there will be an embedded USB-C power delivery IC for higher charging efficiency.
7: The output power of the receiver & speaker of OLED iPhone will be more consistent to create better stereo effects.
8: To maintain its boutique image, we think the OLED version will offer fewer options for casing colors than LCD iPhone models.
9: We predict October-November & August-September as production ramp-up schedules of OLED iPhone & LCD iPhone, respectively. “For optimised promotional effect, we think Apple may unveil the three models simultaneously in September, though the launch date of the OLED version may trail that of LCD models, and supply tightness may not improve before 1H18.”
10: We forecast shipments of the three new models in 2017F will be 80-85mn units, with an equal split between OLED & LCD versions.”
Kuo’s predictions corroborate several other rumours – such as that Apple’s future iPhones might leverage the power of a USB Type-C IC, and gives new indication that we may see the iPhone 8 earlier than the November launch date we’ve come to expect this year.
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