Snapchat's Snap Map shows where your friends are, at a tap

Snapchat has officially launched Snap Map; a new mapping feature which displays where a user’s friends are – and their present activity – around the world.

Snapchat continues to have a hard fight on its hands after Facebook delivered a crushing blow with the introduction of Stories on both Instagram and WhatsApp, and now the esoteric, yellow-branded platform is fighting back with an introduction of its own, dubbed the Snap Map.
The Snap Map reveals the location of a user’s friends on the service, and depicts their location on a global map through the use of Bitmoji. Users will be able to access the map by pinching out on the camera tab, and will be able to select and converse with any of their friends around the world by tapping on their avatar.
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The Snap Map will leverage Stories uploaded by its users to function, and will sort uploaded Stories through a smart device’s location services. Users who don’t want their location visible at all times will be able to leverage Ghost Mode, which hides their active location from friends or other users.
Further, should users not want specific friends to see their location, they’ll be able to select a list of friends who’ll be able to see their location on the map.

In a nifty addition, users will be able to browse the globe and see events as they happen; in a demo video, Snapchat demonstrated the application at work between a football match, metro strike, and other story collections created by users.
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What are your thoughts on the introduction of Snap Map? Can anything save Snapchat from the juggernaut that is Facebook? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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