'The One Device' reveals Steve Jobs wanted the iPhone to have a back button

A new book called ‘The One Device’, which details the history of the original iPhone, reveals that Steve Jobs wanted the handset to have a back button.

Given that its design has remained relatively consistent over its successive iterations, it’s somewhat difficult to imagine the iPhone as anything other than a svelte slate with a solitary Home button. However, a new book detailing the history of the original iPhone called ‘The One Device‘ has revealed a surprising tidbit of news; that late Apple CEO Steve Jobs wanted the handset to carry a back button.

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Apple is notoriously secretive in the development of its products, and not long ago we caught a glimpse into what the iPhone could have looked like had its design been directed by the iPod (Classic) of yore.The Mummy 2017 live streaming movie

The One Device reveals that Steve Jobs piloted a design for the iPhone that would have had the handset incorporate two buttons; the first being the classic Home button we all know, while the second would have been a rear-facing unit.

The decision was wrangled with internally at Apple, given that the device’s original design was intended to be buttonless, and the Home button was later deemed to be necessary. According to The One Device, Imran Chaudhri – Apple’s former design lead for hardware/software user experience – managed to convince Jobs out of his decision by advising him that users should ‘trust their device to do what they want it to do’ and that, hence, there should not be a secondary button.

The news emerges at a poignant time, given that Apple has reportedly been struggling to integrate a fingerprint scanner beneath the iPhone 8’s glass display, and might well have to opt for a rear-facing fingerprint scanner – if not button.

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