New leaks show off just what Microsoft's hybrid Surface Mobile could look like

New patent files have revealed the presence of a Microsoft-branded smartphone that could unfold into a tablet – potentially called Surface Mobile.

Microsoft’s strength in hardware has largely been its svelte touch in bringing hybrid laptops and tablets to life, and now a new leak has potentially outed the company’s long-awaited Surface Mobile device in the form of a smartphone/tablet duo.
Somewhat akin to rumours that have surrounded Samsung’s alleged development of a hybrid smartphone in its Project Valley initiative, new patents have shown a Microsoft-branded tablet that could transition between three configurations.
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The first, at 0 degrees, would see the unit closed shut; at 180-degrees the device would function as a tablet, while at 360-degrees the handset would function as a conventional smartphone.
surface mobile patent
The device would be heavily reliant on a series of hinges that would function through the use of magnets to give the device a seamless appearance when unfurled.
surface mobile patent
Interestingly enough, it seems as if the concept as been toyed around at Microsoft’s offices for some time – a productivity video released by the company all the way back in 2009 shows off a similar concept, in which a businessman uses a smartphone with two wireless displays that clasp together to become a singular unit, and can hence be folded together. Watch at 2:40 below:

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has previously commented that – despite the fact that Windows Phone has sunk to own less than 1% of the market – there will be Windows Mobile devices in the years to come.
Frequent rumours have posited that Microsoft is working to abandon the Lumia series and instead transition its mobile hardware underneath the Surface banner.
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