Samsung's Bixby is reportedly struggling to learn English

Samsung’s Bixby assistant has reportedly been delayed from launch again as the AI is apparently struggling to learn to communicate in English.

Usually when we report on artificial intelligence, our stories tend to hinge around the phenomenal pace at which digital assistants learn new skills or languages. However, it would seem that Samsung’s Bixby is lagging behind in some departments.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Bixby is reportedly struggling to digest the English language, and is not only butchering through syntax but is further failing grammar tests.
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The Journal reports that Bixby’s voice suite will finally launch in June, long after the initial launch date Samsung provided; early reviews of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 have maligned the digital assistant for being far less useful than Google Assistant, which it (figuratively) lives next door to.
The race is on for Samsung to train Bixby in the use of the English language, as the likes of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and even (surprisingly) Apple’s Siri could well eclipse the AI within the next few months.
Apple, in particular, seems to be preparing for a major AI offensive; the company is rumoured to be working on an ‘enhanced’ version of Siri for use on a future iPhone as well as a Siri-powered smart speaker.
Bixby, on the other hand, has yet to launch on a Samsung device beyond the Galaxy S8 and S8+ – and earlier rumours that the assistant could debut on a homebound device called ‘Scoop‘ appear to have fallen by the wayside.
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