Is Microsoft working on a new version of Windows 10 Mobile?

According to new reports, Microsoft is quietly working on a new version of Windows Mobile to better compete with the likes of Android and iOS.

If iOS and Android are the big winners of the smartphone world, arguably the biggest looser has been Microsoft’s Windows Phone, and later Windows Mobile.
Now, a new report has revealed that Microsoft may be quietly working on a new version of Windows Mobile for debut with a new hardware product, despite the fact that the worldwide marketshare of Windows Phone handsets has dipped below 1%.
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Previously, Microsoft positioned Windows 10 Mobile to leverage its Universal Windows Apps platform, which would allow apps created for Windows 10 in the desktop format to function on mobile, and vice-versa.
The strategy failed, however, as few handsets adopted the operating system and those that did focussed on narrow enterprise markets which Samsung’s DeX dock now threatens to cannabalize.
According to reports, Microsoft is testing “a separate branch of Windows Mobile” with a user interface not like anything seen before. Accordingly, it is rumoured that the company has removed support for Silverlight apps in its updated mobile OS.
The project is, apparently, in the early stages of development and may not manifest to any sizeable project from here on out.
Given the company’s focus on developing iOS and Android apps and combating Chrome OS with Windows 10 S, it is not unfeasible to imagine that Microsoft may indeed be experimenting with its own build of Android to leverage apps available for the platform – though that point remains pure conjecture at this stage.
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