Samsung's newest patent shows a zany, roll-out future for the tablet

Samsung has filed a new patent detailing the potential for a tablet that could leverage a rollable display to increase or decrease its size.

Samsung has committed itself to innovating in the realm of mobile displays, and perhaps the most visible fruits from its effort is the Infinity Display found aboard the Galaxy S8. However, the company has now filed a new patent that shows off a zany idea in another market segment – that of the humble tablet.
We’ve previously reported that Samsung has splurged heavily into the research and development of a foldable display, and one of the most mysterious projects the company is apparently working on is titled “Project Valley”, which is tipped to result in the production of a foldable phone.
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A new patent filed by the company, however, shows a future where a device with smartphone-like dimensions could double as a tablet by means of elongating its primary display through a ‘roll-out’ style application.
The patent details that one part of the tablet bear a ‘roll’ that could be unfurled by dragging the other side of the slate leftward. The device would apparently be able to identify which part of its display is in use, and would deactivate or activate sections of its screen appropriately.
While many such patents just represent ideas and never see the light of day on a physical product, Samsung’s latest endeavour bears strong similarity to a rollable device concept the company first debuted in early 2016 (as pictured above).
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What are your thoughts? Would the advent of a rollable slate re-ignite your interest in tablets? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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