Hackers have reportedly broken the Galaxy S8's Iris Recognition

A new report has indicated that hackers have seemingly bypassed the Galaxy S8’s Iris Recognition with little more than a printed photo and contact lens.

Samsung has touted the Galaxy S8’s Iris Recognition feature as one of the primary reasons consumers won’t need to worry about using the handset’s awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner, but a new report has indicated that hackers have bypassed the feature with little more than everyday items.
ArsTechnica reports that the Chaos Computer Club managed to bypass the Galaxy S8’s Iris Recognition feature by simply printing out a photo of the enrolled subject’s irises and carefully placing a contact lens on the printout.
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The result is a combination that not only confuses the Galaxy S8 into recognising an iris pattern, but further tricks the sensor into reading the concave depth of one’s iris through the placement of a contact lens.
Iris Recognition first debuted on the doomed Galaxy Note 7, and was subsequently returned to active duty aboard the Galaxy S8. The feature is available alongside facial recognition, which apparently has also been bypassed through means of placing a photograph in front of the device’s front-facing sensor.

Similarly, Apple recently filed trademarks for the term “Iris Engine” – corroborating rumours that the company is working to shed the use of a fingerprint scanner aboard the next iPhone and, in its place, use either iris or facial recognition.
Reports have similarly circulated that Apple is grappling with the placement of Touch ID on its next iPhone, and might – like Samsung – be forced to resort to placing the sensor on the device’s rear panel in the event it is unable to embed the unit into a display.
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