Emojipedia now offers trend stats to show how hip your favorite emoji are

Emojipedia has launched a new tool which enables users to track the popularity of certain emoji over the course of five years.

Did you know there’s an online encyclopedia dedicated to Emoji? That’s right – not only do we have to contend with the forthcoming Emoji Movie, we now have a dedicated encyclopedia dubbed Emojipedia specifically for the purpose of cataloging smiley round faces. A little bit of Pokémon, if you will.
Thing is, Emojipedia has released a fascinating new tool which – thanks to the powers of Google Trends – enables users to track the popularity of certain Emoji over a period of five years.
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On the subject, Emojipedia offered that “Each graph is relative to the emoji being viewed… 100 represents when that emoji saw its highest number of searches.”
The tool can be used by heading to a specific emoji and heading to the ‘Trends’ section – for example, the good old South African flag experienced a surge in popularity from August of 2015, and continues to have grown in popularity up until the present day.
south africa emojipedia
Another example might be the curious case of the Thinking Face, which rose rapidly to prominence in late 2015 and became a staple favourite well into 2016.
The tool is a fascinating glimpse into how smart device users around the world leverage Emoji to convey meaning, and gives great insight into how the popularity of certain Emoji might be influenced not only by global events, but by meme appeal.
thinking face emojipedia
Emojipedia, of course, thrives as a bastion of knowledge for those seeking more information on the yellow round faces – and icons – that we use during our day-to-day.
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