New survey reveals that Android devices have lower failure rates than iPhones

A new survey conducted by Blancco Technology Group has revealed that – for the first time- Android devices possess a lower failure rate than iPhones.

If you find yourself in the age old Android vs iOS debate and an iPhone user throws the ‘reliability’ claim at you, here’s some evidence to dispute that – a new survey conducted by Blancco Technology Group has revealed that – for the first time ever – Android devices are leading over iOS in the arena of smartphone reliability.
The results of the survey, dubbed the Q1 2017 State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report, show that while both the number of malfunctioning iOS and Android devices increased in 2017, Android appears to be leading the pack through a lower failure rate.
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Blancco describes a ‘failure rate’ as a term which “refers to devices that had excessive performance issues that could not be resolved” , and has based the results of the study on data  “collected from millions of iOS and Android mobile devices that were brought into mobile carriers and device manufacturers for diagnostics testing in North America, Europe and Asia during the first quarter of 2017”. 
Blancco cites that the overall failure rate of Android devices stood at 50% during 2017 – up from 47% in Q4 of 2016. That figure may be high, but it noticeably pales in comparison to iOS, which bears a failure rate of 68% – up from 62% in Q4 of 2016.
android devices failure rates iPhone
According to Blancco, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are named as the iPhones most likely to fail, while the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and Galaxy S5 are the Android devices most likely to fail while in use.
The survey further revealed that apps are three times more likely to crash on iOS rather than Android, and further that while weak carrier signal and camera malfunctions are common problems experienced by Android users, iOS users commonly suffer from overheating and poor GPS connection issues.
android devices failure rates iPhone
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Source: Blancco Technology Group