Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is reportedly being held hostage by, well, pirates

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has reportedly been held hostage in a ransomware attack staged by hackers.

So… are we correct in saying that Pirates of the Caribbean has been pirated… by pirates?
According to new reports by The Hollywood Reporter, a group of hackers have claimed to have stolen Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and are holding the film for ransom. Deadline reports that the hackers in question have demanded an ‘enormous amount of money’ and are further requesting to be paid in Bitcoin.
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Disney has reportedly refused to pay the ransom, and has begun working with the FBI. The situation mirrors a similar debacle which followed a new season of Orange is the New Black, which hackers stole and later released when Netflix declined to pay a ransom to retrieve it.
The latest Pirates of the Caribbean film is scheduled for release in the US on the 26th of May this year, giving Disney more than enough impetus to reclaim the title, which is expected to continue to rake in cash at the box office.
The news that the film is being held hostage arrives in parallel to the emergence of WannaCry; the largest ransomware offensive to have ever emerged on a global scale. At the time of writing, WannaCry has infiltrated more than 150 countries and has held a quarter of a million PCs hostage.
It remains to be seen whether Disney will be able to retrieve the film in time for the picture to release in theaters as per its present schedule.
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