Bloomberg: Google Assistant is heading to the iPhone

Bloomberg has reported that Google is gearing up to announce the arrival of Google Assistant as a standalone app on iOS on day one of its 2017 I/O.

If Siri hasn’t been cutting it for you these past few months and Cortana doesn’t quite have the same appeal, you might be excited by Bloomberg’s latest report, which reveals that Google is reportedly gearing up to announce the arrival of Google Assistant aboard iOS.
Google’s artificial intelligence – which first arrived on the Google-branded Pixel and Pixel XL – was released to all Android devices running 6.0 Marshmallow and above later this year.
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Google Assistant remains locked to certain regions, and Bloomberg cites that this will be the case (at first) with the platform’s presence on iOS, which will be limited to users in the United States.
According to the report, Google plans to release Assistant as a standalone app aboard iOS that will work side-by-side with Siri. Predictably, Assistant will work in tandem with other Google services – and will apparently rely on certain apps to facilitate functions. For example, a video search initiated in Assistant will yield results from YouTube.
Google Assistant is of course already available on iOS through Google’s Allo messaging app, while Google Photos features AI-driven edits to uploaded images. It remains to be seen what iOS -specific features the platform might bear on arrival.
According to the report, Assistant will still be able to interact with smart home devices from iOS – potentially delivering a crushing blow to Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem.
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Source: Bloomberg