Leaked! Is this Apple's next-generation iPhone SE?

A new series of leaked images ahs seeming confirmed the presence of a next-generation iPhone SE that could ditch aluminum for a high-gloss finish.

Where the iPhone 5c proved to be an unfortunate flop, the iPhone SE has successfully carved out a niche appeal amongst Apple fans seeking a cheaper and smaller handset. Now, new leaked images have seemingly outed a next-generation SE which could be revealed later this year.
Where the incumbent iPhone SE unapologetically traded places with the iPhone 5s – taking its design in the process – leaked rear panels have indicated that Apple is working towards a high-gloss design perhaps reminiscent of the jet black iPhone 7.
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The leak indicates that the rear of the smartphone is coated in Ion-X glass – the same material that covers the display of the Apple Watch Sport. In addition, a singular camera debuts with a flash module underneath which may or not be a true-tone unit.
iphone se leak
The design is highly reminiscent of the iPhone 7’s smooth edges, and it remains to be seen if 2017’s iPhone SE (if, indeed, Apple names the model such) could benefit from 3D Touch. While critics have praised Apple’s original SE, a constant criticism has been the lack of 3D Touch support, which leaves SE owners unable to leverage many new features found in iOS 10.
Some speculation remains as to whether the leak is indeed accurate – notorious tipster @OnLeaks claims that the shells pictures are actually the property one one 360 Mobiles, and merely have an Apple logo slapped on top.
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What are your thoughts? Would you hold out for an iPhone SE with a design as pictured above? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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