Say what? iTunes is headed to the Windows Store

Apple has revealed that it plans to bring its iTunes desktop app to the Windows 10 Store – giving Microsoft’s app platform a major push.

We all know the Windows Store; a barren, desolate landscape devoid of apps until Facebook declared pity and placed its core services on the platform. Things seem to be changing, however, as one of the major highlights of Microsoft’s Build platform is that Apple will bring iTunes to the Windows Store.
The arrival of a Windows 10 iTunes app to PCs around the world might not change the fact that Microsoft has an uphill battle on its hands to cultivate a meaningful app store, but it is a step in the right direction.
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iTunes, since the program’s debut on Windows many years ago, has served as a desktop app – and the program continues to be searched for by users settling into Windows 10.
Microsoft has placed the Windows Store at the center of its efforts in recent weeks – its newest hardware product, the Surface Laptop, arrives running Windows 10 s – a version of Windows 10 which can only run apps from the Windows Store at launch.
Apple, of course, also benefits from the arrangement – by bringing iTunes to the Windows Store, the Cupertino company can reach new potential subscribers for its premier music streaming service, Apple Music.
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What are your thoughts on the eventual arrival of iTunes on the Windows Store? Will things now begin to turn in Microsoft’s favour? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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