New photos reveal the development of Apple Campus 2

A new series of images – released by Apple to employees – shows the development of the company’s spaceship-spaced estate, dubbed Apple Campus 2.

Apple Campus 2 – the eponymous Cupertino company’s second headquarters – has now been in development for more than two years. While monthly drone footage as chronicled the development of the estate, a new series of images has provided an inside look at construction efforts thus far.
Apple released a series of images to its employees, which French website MacGeneration has redistributed. The images reveal that Apple has more or less completed the majority of work on the building and has begun to turn its attention to landscaping.
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The images depict the installation of glass panels in the building’s atrium, which will be used as a cafeteria adjacent to outdoor eating spaces.
apple campus 2
MacRumors reports that Apple has made use of cranes fitted with suction cups to affix glass to external walls. Doors, on the far side of the building, will open an entire section for both lighting and ventilation purposes.
apple campus 2
Similarly, the building’s ceiling will be equipped with multiple skylights that will let in natural light, while speakers will be housed in cutouts in particular areas.
apple campus 2
Landscaping efforts are underway, where trees are presently being installed – Apple has cited that some 3,000 trees will be present on the campus.
apple campus 2
Apple Campus 2 is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2017, from which point employees will begin working on the premises. Landscaping efforts will continue into the second quarter of the year.
Controversy emerged earlier this year when it was reported that Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, had turned his attention to ‘architectural matters’ – such as Apple’s new campus – in lieu of hardware design. It remains unclear, however, as to what Ive’s present focus is.
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