Infographic: PriceCheck reveals the most popular items bought online in South Africa from 2006 to 2016

PriceCheck has revealed the most popular items purchased online in South Africa from its inception in 2006 through to 2016.

If you’ve ever had to consider purchasing an expensive gadget or appliance, you’ve likely headed over to PriceCheck before.
PriceCheck is a South African financial services platform founded in 2006 by Kevin Tucker, which lets users compare a multitude of different products and sort through the best price offerings listed on the site. We even use the service to find the best deals on the gadgets we’ve found exciting in our reviews.
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2016 marks PriceCheck’s ten year anniversary, and the team behind the site have compiled an infographic of the most popular products that’ve been bought online during its ten years of operation.
The list itself is a wonderful walk down memory for the tech-enthused; what begins in 2007 where the Canon 400D is among the top listed migrates into a litany of mobile devices from 2008 onwards. Visible in 2008 is the very first iPhone alongside other big hitters at the time such as Samsung’s i900 Omnia, Nokia’s N95, and HTC’s Touch Diamond.
That trend continues well into 2012, where the latest iPhone is listed. From that period, one can view where Samsung’s South African marketing operating went into fifth gear; the company’s budget J series takes the top spot in 2016 next ot the DStv Explora decoder, Huawei P8 Lite, and the second generation Google Chromecast.
Take a look through PriceCheck’s ten year history in the below infographic – it’s even replete with mentions of how online trends changed during 2014 when loadshedding turned off the lights.
PriceCheck reveals the most popular items bought online in SA
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What are your thoughts? What products are you suprised to see listed? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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