Leaks out the sleeker, slimmer and sharper Xbox One S

Ahead of its official reveal, an affiliated website has accidentally leaked an image of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One S console.

In what may be one of Microsoft’s worst kept secrets, it would seem we will officially get a smaller version of the Xbox One this year in the form of the Xbox One S – a slimmed-down version of the console which Microsoft touts as ‘sleeker, slimmer, and sharper’.
Microsoft is set to officially unveil the redesigned console today, which will include a form factor that has been slimmed down by 40%, a 2TB hard drive, HDR, a vertical stand, and support for 4K Ultra HD video.
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The Xbox One S appears to be a step backwards (at least in overall design terms and strategy) for Microsoft; the console sports a vertical stand which allows it to be used upright (as the Xbox 360 of old did) and will apparently arrive in a similar white colour scheme.
The leak further reveals that the console will launch alongside a redesigned controller, and will thankfully altogether nix the necessity of a bulky power brick.
The Xbox One S will apparently support 4K video through system menus and streaming, and won’t automatically boost current software up to 4K.
Microsoft hasn’t yet provided any indication as to whether the leaked images are accurate, nor has the company provided any information as to when we can expect a formal release. The price of the product will likely indicate just where in the Xbox One lineup the console is intended to sit.
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What are your thoughts on the leaked images depicting an Xbox One S? Are these vital improvements over the original Xbox One, or is Microsoft altogether headed in the wrong direction? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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