Soon, you'll finally be able to schedule an Uber anywhere

Commuters will finally be able to schedule an Uber with the rollout of Scheduled Rides, which commences worldwide today.

Uber has cemented itself as not only an innovative business concept and practice, but further an entirely disruptive entity in the transport market. Now, consumers will finally be able to schedule an Uber with the worldwide rollout of Scheduled Rides.
The rollout, which commences today, marks the first occasion in which commuters will be able to request an Uber ahead of actually requiring transport; those requiring transport will be able to request an Uber 30 days in advance, or 30 minutes before requiring a lift.
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Consumers will be able to schedule an Uber through selecting UberX, tapping ‘schedule a ride’, and then setting a pickup date, time, location and destination before confirming the details.
Commuters will able to cancel their ride at any time up until their transport is inbound to their pickup location, and Uber has clarified that reminders will be sent both 24 hours and 30 minutes in advance of one’s pickup. Further, notifications will be offered once a ride is on its way, and as to whether surge pricing is in effect.
Uber cited its excitement to roll out the feature, which is a top-requested feature by business executives. The worldwide rollout of Scheduled Rides is set to begin in Seattle, Washington today.
For those wishing to get on board with Scheduled Rides before it officially arrives in their territory, a sign-up form can be found here.
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Do you plan to schedule an Uber in the future? What are your thoughts on Scheduled Rides? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: Uber Newsroom