Lenovo shows off its concept for a bendable, wrist-worn phone

Lenovo has unveiled the CPlus – a new concept device for a foldable phone which can be worn on a wrist like a smartwatch.

LG and Samsung have both been feverishly at work perfecting a bendable or foldable display, with the latter’s ‘Project Valley’ smartphone rumoured to release at some point during the year. Now, it would seem Lenovo have beaten both to the punch with its CPlus foldable phone.
The CPlus, which is strictly a concept device and is not in production, sports a 4.26″ flexible display which can be worn on the wrist like a smartwatch. The device, which runs on Android, will come in up to 12 different colour configurations.
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Lenovo’s CTP, Peter Hortensius, stated that the CPlus will arrive in two different sizes; namely, large and small variants.
CNET cites that while testing the CPlus, the device’s interface cracked under pressure, indicating that Lenovo’s work on the device is far from complete.
Lenovo’s work on the CPlus follows recent trends set by Samsung, Nokia and LG. Specifically, the latter manufacturer has already teased a rollable OLED display which saw its debut at CES in February this year.
Samsung, in particular, has been hard at work developing a foldable smartphone under its “Project Valley” initiative. We‘ve previously listed a foldable smartphone as one of our top tech predictions for 2016, and it would seem that Lenovo could be one of the first manufacturers to introduce such a device before the end of the year.
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What are your thoughts on Lenovo’s foldable smartphone? Would you wear a smartphone wrapped on your wrist as opposed to a smartwatch? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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