Telkom set to axe line rental fee

Telkom’s CEO, Sipho Maseko, has stated in a new interview that the company is set to axe its line rental fee in the near future.

Does paying Telkom’s line rental fee irk you? Well, in the future, you may not have to – Telkom’s CEO, Sipho Maseko, has stated in a new interview with Business Day TV that the company plans to axe the fee in the near future.
Telkom charge a line rental fee for consumers to make use of an active phone line within their household, on top of charges for voice calls and data consumption.
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In May of 2015, Telkom increased the fee by 13% to much backlash – bringing the figure up to R189 per month from R166 ZAR per month. Previously, critics have cited the fee as an unnecessary obstacle in the way of internet penetration across South Africa.
Speaking to Business Day, Maseko stated that the line rental fee would be removed in the future, quipping that “œIt‘s less about lines but actually about the service…Very soon, in your own household, your bill will no longer have “˜line‘. It will just be a package of 25GB or 50GB; we‘ll price it, and there won‘t be an itemised line that says line rental… “œAnd more and more you won‘t see it, because what we do see is that data traffic and usage is increasing phenomenally. And I think that we‘ve been able to balance that in a very, very delicate way.”
Previously, Maseko stated to CNBC Africa that the company is set to launch integrated data products in coming months, and will begin to offer voice services for free.
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Source: Business Day