RoBattle is the world's newest combat-ready robot

RoBattle, a new combat robot developed by Israel Aerospace Industries, brings a modular design and can serve as an advance guard in warfare.

As far as the word “modular” goes, Israel Aerospace Industries’ RoBattle combat robot makes the LG G5 look like somewhat of a peashooter.
The RoBattle is a new combat robot designed to serve as an advance guard or as a decoy during surveillance missions; using what the manufacturer terms as a ‘robotic kit’, the RoBattle can be configured for different missions by installing different types of equipment.
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For instance, some items within the kit include navigation, RT mapping, sensors, and mission payload modules that can be hot-swapped in-between the heat of battle.
The unit can even be set to use wheels or tracks, and can deliver anything from robot arms and sensors all the way to remote-controlled weapons into the theatre of war.
Israel Aerospace Industries is prepared to show off their newest creation at the upcoming Eurosatory airland defense and security exhibition in France, which is set to begin on the 13th of June.
If you’re unable to attend that, Robotic Systems IAI captured some footage of the RoBattle in action; the video highlights the unit’s ability to easily roll over rough terrain or climb over walls.

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What are your thoughts on the RoBattle? Should there be restrictions on the use of autonomous warfare vehicles, or could this kind of technology help to save lives? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: Engadget