Mark Zuckerberg is set to answer your questions in a Facebook Live Q&A

Mark Zuckerberg has announced his first public Q&A session, which will take place on the 14th of June through Facebook Live.

Ever had a burning question for the man who co-founded the world’s largest social network? Sure you have, and here’s your chance to ask them: Mark Zuckerberg is set to host is first public Q&A session in a promotion bid for Facebook Live.
Zuckerberg has made no secret that he believes Facebook‘s next major foray will be in live video streaming – most recently, Facebook announced a partnership with Blizzard to bring live video streaming capabilities directly into the latter’s newest title, Overwatch.
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In typical fashion, Zuckerberg made little fanfare of the event, simply announcing the Q&A session through a video clip which features a typed-out message on a black background, naming the time and date of the event.
Facebook’s CEO is set to answer questions from 11.30am PT (20:30pm UTC+2) on the 14th of June, which leaves just over six days for interested participants to craft their questions.
Since that post, over 5,000 comments have arrived sporting myriads of questions, likely leaving Zuckerberg (or a social media team) with a great deal of filtering work on their hands.
Citing his excitement to interact with Facebook’s online community, Zuckerberg said that “with Live I can hear from more of our community at once and it‘s a lot more interactive… We can cover all the big areas you‘re interested in “” connecting the world, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, live video, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and more.“
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What do you plan to ask Mark Zuckerberg, and what are your thoughts on the Facebook founder’s first online Q&A session? Be sure to let us know your opinion and questions in the comments below!
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