Sweeping App Store changes set to take place at WWDC

Apple is set to unveil a sweeping set of App Store changes during WWDC, which will see options for in-store ads and new subscription models.

Despite many visual changes having taken place over the years, Apple’s iOS App Store has remained largely unchanged in structure. Now, Apple has confirmed that sweeping App Store changes are set to be showcased during WWDC next week.
In an interview with The Verge, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, elaborated that Apple is set to open its App Store subscription model – which is currently used in News and Magazine apps – to all product categories, including games.
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Further, new App Store changes will affect the company’s revenue-sharing model, in which presently profits are split 70/30 between a developer and Apple respectively.
Schiller revealed that Apple’s 30 percent could decrease to just 15 percent once a developer has had a customer subscribed for longer than a standard year.
Akin to Windows 10’s Promoted Apps advertisements, display ads will soon make their way into Apple Store search results, which will give prominent placement for app developers who’re willing to pay.
Lastly, Schiller elucidated that not only will the App Review process become far faster – with 90 of new apps completing their review by the 48 hour mark – but further that app sharing capabilities will be built into every app’s 3D Touch menu.
The sweeping set of App Store changes fall largely in the wake of the news that most apps are abandoned within hours of having been downloaded aboard a new user’s device; it is likely that Apple have decided to issue changes to the structure of the App Store in an effort to retain developer interest and enthusiasm.
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