This phone case will let you run Android on an iPhone

A new iPhone case, created by developer Nick Lee, will allow users to run Android on an iPhone as well as use HDMI and USB ports.

We’re willing to wager that most iPhone consumers have thought about somehow getting Android onboard their device at least once. Now, the guy who first got Windows 95 to run on an Apple Watch has done it again, this time with a case that will allow users to run Android on an iPhone.
Why would you want to run Android on an iPhone? Purely for the glory of science, of course – Lee’s iPhone case doesn’t (as one might expect) arrive bearing much beauty nor slimness, for that matter.
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Lee, having cloned the Android Open Source Project, created a custom version of Android Marshmallow which would be able to run on a store-bought bored. Combining a 3D-printed iPhone case, the board, a battery, boost converter, and resistor, Lee was able to make a bulky case which, over several iterations, he was able to slim down.
run android on an iphone
After minifying his design, Lee was able to include openings for HDMI and USB ports, as well as an SD card slot, bringing full Android compatibility to Apple’s iPhone.
Booting Google’s mobile OS through his custom Tendigi app, Lee was able to force iOS to communicate with the case and enable his iPhone to load his custom version of Android. The result is a bulky device that – despite its flaws – successfully loads the one thing Apple fears most onboard its prized flagship device.
While Lee’s efforts may be far from practical, the result is an interesting way to run Android on an iPhone.
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Watch Lee’s creation boot here:

What are your thoughts on Lee’s newest creation? Can you see any sense in running Android on an iPhone? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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