Google and Levis are teaming up to make a connected jacket

Google and Levis have announced a new partnership which will bring “smart clothing” to the market using a technology named “Project Jacquard.”

Do you fancy your jackets in denim, cloth or leather? In the future, it may not matter so long as its connected to the web – and that’s the premise behind a new partnership between Google and Levis, which will produce a new connected jacket.
Google and Levis’ new project relies on a new technology named Project Jacquard, which sees conductive fabric woven into a garment that will be capable of sensing touch, pressure, and even the position of your hand.
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Google’s Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group is set to show the technology off in Levis’ upcoming Commuter jacket.
At I/O, Google demonstrated the jacket which contains a weave of Project Jacquard-made threading on its left arm, which connects to a Bluetooth-enabled loop that’s housed on the cuff of the Commuter jacket.
The Commuter Jacket’s cuff allows users to pair the garment with their mobile device and associate specific gestures with an app in a concept not dissimilar from Leap’s desktop motion controller.
On-stage, Google demonstrated that users could set a swipe on the jacket to reflect a change in volume during music playback, or set up another gesture to enable navigation from Google Maps.
The Commuter Jacket is aimed at bikers who would be able to use the cuff to control their phones safely while driving.
Google and Levi’s joint venture will come to market in 2017, and will be preceded by a beta test towards the end of the year.
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