Facebook Live video streaming dips into gaming with Overwatch

The world’s largest social network doesn’t want to stop at normal broadcasting; Facebook Live video is set to make a foray into gaming alongside Overwatch.

Facebook is desperate to get to grips with live video, and –  undoubtedly – since The Rock first took the feature for a spin, you’ve seen a live stream in your news feed at least once. Now, Facebook wants to get in on Twitch’s game by bringing Facebook Live Video to gaming, starting with Blizzard’s newly released Overwatch.
Twitch and YouTube have long dominated live streaming – specifically within the realm of gaming – and Facebook announced today it is working alongside Blizzard to build Facebook Live video streaming directly into the Overwatch, alongside some of the company’s other games.
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With the new feature, gamers enjoying Blizzard’s latest title will be able to log in with Facebook to find and play alongside friends, as well as allow users to share content right back to their own timelines and news feeds.
Using the Facebook Live video API, a user’s Facebook friends will be able to watch streamed footage of them playing directly from the comfort of their chosen device.
While over 100 million people make use of Amazon’s Twitch service to stream games, over 650 million actively play Facebook-connected titles. Though Facebook has some catching up to do to best Twitch’s reign on eSports, the company’s vast user base, social graph, and Facebook Live video API could well propel it past its set goals.
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What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new interest in eSports? Would you welcome Facebook live video streaming in your favourite game, or would you rather use the likes of Twitch or YouTube to watch instead? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments below!
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