Cortana makes her way to the Xbox in Microsoft's Summer Update

Microsoft’s Xbox summer update is set to bring Cortana – among several other improvements – to the Xbox One, which will release in preview this week.

Best begin practising your best “Hey, Cortana” – Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10’s digital assistant is set to arrive (or, is that return to?) the Xbox One in its forthcoming Xbox summer update.
The Xbox summer update, which is set to launch in preview this week, will integrate Cortana not only on a system and interface level, but further into actual games themselves.
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For example, players will be able to ask Cortana to issue a replay of their best kills before respawning in a game of Halo 5’s multiplayer.
Cortana will supplant many of the console’s extant voice commands, such as the ability to wake the unit by voice alone. A Kinect unit may not be necessary to use Cortana, as Microsoft is set to launch universal headset support for voice commands.
Cortana’s functions are set to be handled through Microsoft servers, so as not to place any additional strain on the Xbox One system.
Other improvements bundled within the Xbox summer update include a streamlined game marketplace which will show pricing upfront, and will re-integrate Facebook’s Friend Finder aboard the console.
Further, the update will integrate with Windows 10 PCs – Microsoft is set to bring the top PC games into Xbox Live; meaning that games such as League of Legends will soon support not only the Xbox app, but further the Xbox Live community. Microsoft will further offer free server-side voice chat from within the Xbox app through Xbox Live.
The Xbox summer update will allow gamers to opt-in to test new features in an ‘Xbox Preview’, which will launch later this week. Gamers in the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain will be able to trial Cortana ahead of launch.
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What are your thoughts on the Xbox summer update? Is Microsoft’s “Windows everywhere” strategy set to pay off aboard the Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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