Onvi's Prophix smart toothbrush films the inside of your mouth

Onvi’s new Prophix smart toothbrush comes equipped with a camera to live-stream images of your mouth while cleaning your teeth.

Up until now, the humble toothbrush has been bereft of an update, languishing with last-gen technology. Now, Onvi’s new Prophix smart toothbrush facilitates that upgrade by equipping itself with a camera which is capable of live-streaming the inside of your mouth.
Why, you may ask? The American Dental Association itself recommends using an electric toothbrush over a manual one; though even that can miss tricky pieces of detritus or plaque. By equipping the Prophix smart toothbrush with a video camera, Onvi hopes that you’ll leave no meal debris behind.
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We’re not talking about your basic, toothbrush-equipped 240p camera, mind. The Prophix smart toothbrush includes an HD camera capable of 1080p video and 10-megapixel still images. Further, four smart attachments – dare we call them modular? – deck out the toothbrush by offering swappable brush, prophy cup, picking tip, and a tiny mirror.
The Oscar-winning livestream users produce by using the toothbrush can be viewed on a mobile device through a dedicated app, where determined dental dirtbusters can see a close-up view of their pearly whites.
The Prophix smart toothbrush won’t, however, come cheap. Onvi has set a $400 USD price tag for its connected gadget – nearly double what the comparable Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries or Sonicare FlexCare Platinum ask.
But hey, no-one is lying when they say your smile is your best asset.
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What are your thoughts on the Prophix smart toothbrush? Is this a ridiculous or awesome way to clean your teeth? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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