Blue Origin and NASA team up to test new space travel technologies

NASA has officially approved Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to its list of approved carriers for delivering new technologies to space.

How’s this for a super-space team up? NASA has formally approved Blue Origin, a space travel company founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, to its list of carriers approved to deliver new technologies to space.
The partnership, which forms part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, allows other space travel organizations (such as Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic) to test new technologies in either microgravity or zero gravity environments.
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The news is an exciting development for Blue Origin, which will use its payload system to carry out microgravity research onboard its New Shepherd suborbital vehicle.
Blue Origin’s payload system takes the form of a series of small shipping containers which are each wired with control systems, telemetry data, and power to effect monitoring capabilities in space.
NASA’s approval will see the company begin setting up experiments on New Shepherd, each of which will receive three minutes of research time in a microgravity environment that will take place at a height of over 100km.
Once the company begins manned flights, researchers will be able to join New Shepherd for hands-on experiments. The company plans to sell a ‘benchtop development unit’ to researchers in the meanwhile which will allow them to program remote experiments from their own laboratories on terra firma.
Blue Origin is joined by Masten Space Systems, Near Space Corporation, UP Aerospace and Virgin Galactic on NASA’s STMD roster.
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Source: NASA Pressroom
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