Xiaomi's Mi Band 2 launches with a $22 USD price tag

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 fitness tracker has launched, sporting a small OLED display and an even more minute $22 USD price tag.

Xiaomi have previously turned heads by release an affordable fitness tracker in the form of the original Mi Band, and now the Chinese company have unveiled a follow-up in the form of the Mi Band 2.
The Mi Band 2 arrives with a small OLED display, and is capable of unlocking a Xiaomi smartphone without the need for a fingerprint or a passcode.
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Perhaps even more impressively, Xiaomi have proudly toted the fact that the Mi Band 2’s internal 70mAh battery will have a 20 day lifespan, which will sustain a large amount of activity in between charges.
The Mi Band 2 will measure steps taken, a user’s heart rate, and even the time for good measure.
The sequel to the Mi Band will spot a skin-freidnly thermoplastic elastomers material, with aluminium components. Consumers will be able to purchase the device in four different colours, including black, blue, green, and orange.
The new wearable will support Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and weighs in at a minuscule 7 grams. An IP67 certification grants the device water resistance, and Xiaomi has promised compatibility with Android devices running 4.4 upwards, as well as Apple devices iOS 7 and above.
Xiaomi hasn’t indicated as to whether the Mi Band 2 will be available outside of China, where the unit will sell for Y150 CNY, or just $22 USD. Given the fact that Xiaomi has brought the original Mi Band to South Africa, we might be able to expect the device to land on our shores in the not too distant future.
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