Pulsepet's GoBone is a connected gadget for your dog

Pulsepet has launched a new, app-controlled dog toy today, named the GoBone, which keeps your pooch entertained while you’re out of the house.

For those of us with a canine companion, leaving our best friends alone at home can be an upsetting experience. Thankfully, a new startup named Pulsepet has put the Internet of Things to good use in the form of a new connected dog today named the GoBone.
Much like a 21st century Kong dog toy, dog owners can insert food or treats into the GoBone and control it remotely through a mobile app. The device is capable of moving around the floor on its own, and will tailor its behaviour to a dog’s age, weight and breed to keep it active for longer periods of time.
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The device, which offers a battery life comparable to a working day at eight hours, has both an autonomous and manual mode.
Santiago Gutierrez, the creator of the device, conceptualised the device as a means to keep his dog entertained while he was at work.
When I created the GoBone, my original goal was to keep my dog entertained while he was home alone,“ Gutierrez said. “œBut then I realized the GoBone could also be used to improve the bond between owners and their pets through interactive games they can play together.“
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The GoBone is constructed out of food-grade eco-friendly materials, and was engineered in the USA. If you’re interested, you can back the device on Kickstarter here.
What are your thoughts on Pulsepet’s GoBone? Would you buy one for your canine companion to keep him or her entertained? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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