Hong Kong's new luxury apartments take up just 400 square feet

A new set of Eco Smart Homes designed by Liquid Interiors in Hong Kong pack in a luxury abode within just 400 square feet of available space.

A restoration process in Hong Kong’s Central district has unveiled a new series of luxury apartments – named Eco Smart Homes – which pack in a spacious design into just 400 square feet.
The restoration, which was undertaken by a local interior design company named Liquid Interiors, has seen the minimal apartments include sizeable innovations such as double-glazed windows and circadian lighting that is capable of mimicking the Sun’s colour patterns at different times of day.
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Further, the 400 square foot apartments include complete blackout blinds and include HEPA air purifiers. Further, for those looking for a decent night’s sleep, each apartment includes a high-quality mattress.
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Working with limited space, Liquid Designs incorporated hidden storage rooms into the structure which are geared with hydraulics. As a result, a client’s living room can convert into a bathroom or deploy a kitchen stove.
For the environmentally conscious, the series of Eco Smart Homes incorporated LED lights, a heat pump, and windows which provide cross-ventilation. Further, a solar water heater is capable of saving 87% of a client’s electricity bill.
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The Eco Smart Home concept is a boon for the city of Hong Kong, which suffers from overpopulation and enormous traffic congestion woes. By employing the use of vertical space in addition to technological innovation, Liquid Interiors were able to achieve maximum space within the limited confines of 400 square feet.
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What are your thoughts on Hong Kong’s Eco Smart Homes? Where and how could we employ similar designs and technology in South Africa? Be sure to let us know your verdict in the comments below!
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