The US Dept of Defense stores nuclear operations on floppy disks

The US Department of Defense has confirmed it will move away from floppy disks as a storage option for nuclear operations.

The Bandwidth Blog team loves the idea of using old gadgets in new ways, though this is something we’d definitely prefer the most cutting edge technology to handle. Today, the US Department of Defense has confirmed that it will cease using floppy disks as a means to store nuclear operations.
A report for the US Government Accountability Office has revealed that multiple agencies still run on technology that was industry standard decades ago; the US Department of Treasury, for example, makes use of IT systems that are reported to be a whopping 56 years old.
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The most alarming tidbit within the report is that the Department of Defense’s IT system is 53 years old, and still requires the use of 8″ floppy disks to store information.
The report states that the Department of Defense is to “œupdate its data storage solutions, port extension processors, portable terminals and desktop terminals by the end of fiscal year 2017.“
While it’s more than likely the Department hasn’t updated its IT system due to security concerns, the news puts our reluctance to upgrade to Windows 10 into sombre perspective.
The Government Accountability Office identified that 75% of federal financing for IT systems was used for operations and maintenance, reducing available financing to upgrade ageing agency systems.
The US Office of Management and Budget has since launched a new initiative to replace new IT systems, though it has not yet finalise its plans. The report cites – most unsurprisingly – that up until such point, “the government runs the risk of maintaining systems that have outlived their effectiveness.”
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Source: The Government Accountability Office