You can now read the entirety of the Bible in emoji

If translating entire films into emoji-driven stories wasn’t enough, the Bible has now been translated in its entirety into emoji by an anonymous author.

Here’s one for millennials and emoji lovers alike; an anonymous author has translated the entirety of the Bible – spanning all 66 books from Genesis to Revelation – into emoji characters.
The author, who has so far declined to offer his or her identity, made us of a computer program to automatically translate over 200 words into 80 corresponding emoji characters.
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The author, in an interview with the Guardian, stated that “I thought if we fast forwarded 100 years in the future, an emoji bible would exist… So I thought it’d be fun to try to make it… I wanted to make it similar to how you might text or tweet a Bible verse, by shrinking the total character count.”
Regardless of whether you are inclined to be interested in the idea or turn your nose up at it, you’ll have to pay $2.99 USD to read the good book. Alternatively, snippets can be previewed on twitter through the @BibleEmoji Twitter account.

The work’s author – or, perhaps, illustrator – has appealed to readers for feedback and suggestions to improve the body of work. Despite its inherent visual nature, the tome still weights in at around 3,300 pages.
Thus far, there hasn’t been any official word or condemnation from the Church; though we imagine one or two millennials might suddenly become slightly more interested in scripture.
Next up? Snapchatting our way through a Sunday sermon.
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What are your thoughts on the Bible’s conversion into emoji characters? Do you think the idea is novel, or trite? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: The Guardian