MSI's newest computer is designed to be worn like a backpack

We might already carry small computers in our pockets, but MSI’s newest gaming rig, the Backpack PC, is designed to be carried like luggage.

A common problem ardent PC gamers face is transporting their rigs around with them. If you’d rather avoid being called a ‘filthy casual’ for using a laptop, MSI’s new Backpack PC might be for you.
The Backpack PC is quite literally a rig designed to be worn on its users back, with the vision of serving as a portable virtual reality jukebox.
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The Backpack PC would allow users to walk around wherever they’d like while wearing a virtual reality headset tethered to the computer, instead of having to remain seated or within a confined space.
We foresee a significant increase in users bashing their toes into walls or corners, though that’s an argument for another time.
MSI have been tight-lipped on what kind of specifications their newest creation will offer, beyond that fact that it will carry an Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 graphics card.
Little has been announced as to whether the unit will support an internal battery or will run off a cable connected to a mains. We’d imagine the former, as tethering users to a power source in a room would likely be a great conduit for spontaneous disconnection.
The backpack-bound PC is set to be released alongside the Mac Pro styled Vortex at Computex next week.
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What are your thoughts on the MSI Backpack PC? Would you buy one for future VR adventures, or would you rather stick with the likes of the desktop-bound Vortex? Be sure to let us know your opinion in the comments below!
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Source: MSI